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Say I love who you love. Send tokens ilove to whom you love, the crypto way of saying I love you.

ILOVE Token. Trading with AltMarkets, TokenJar, McafeeDex, COINCHAGEX and BUZZEX. You can become a HOLD of love, and help us pay the MORE listing fees.

  • Fixed supply: 69,000,000

  • Token name: Ilove Token

  • Contract 0x300698589b7ef7449e6974a0142c2ad0f077fffc

Send Donation for 0x451B29227b93E98C55F73B79178a5C61678E5C93

Send 1 Ether and receive 530,000 ILOVE

Send 0,5 Ether and receive 220,000 ILOVE

Send 0.1 Ether and receive 30,000 ILOVE

Send 0.01 Ether and receive 2000 ILOVE

No ico, no mining.

This is the token to send and receive I love. 

No hate, no hurt, no anger. 

Only love. Say I love you all, send token, this is the crypto way of telling the people you love. 

I Love. Is that you? 

Help spread the Token and say I love. Please contact me if you wish. 

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